Lucidly sums up the essential parts of this fascinating subject.

John Gribbin

Brian Clegg

A fascinating and up-to-date tour of the workings of the universe that suggest the possibility of journeying back and forth through time.

Einstein's special theory of relativity told us that time travel to the future was possible, and later his general theory of relativity showed us that loops in spacetime could exist, meaning that we might be able to bend time backwards, too. But what are the practicalities of making time travel possible? What do we still need to know? How do we deal with paradoxical twists in time - and could quantum physics hold the answer? From the imagination of novelists to current research, 10 Short Lessons in Time Travel is a grand tour of the essential lessons in this game-changing area of physics.

In 10 Short Lessons you get the ideal quick introduction - to explore the topic in more depth, see Build Your Own Time Machine.

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Time travel is surely one of the most exciting concepts in all of modern science, and any book that opens with a discussion of the 1963 arrival of Doctor Who on our screens - a mere day after the assassination of JFK (one of fictional time travel's perennial nexus points) - has already gone a long way to winning this reviewer over… Brian Clegg's guide to the theory and practice of time travel keeps its promise and is a highly enjoyable and informative read… It all makes for an engaging primer on a fascinating subject. Giles Sparrow, BBC Sky at Night magazine

Time travel, insofar as it's allowed within the known laws of physics is… difficult to describe in a way that's easily relatable to the ordinary reader. Fortunately, this is something Clegg is extremely good at, and the result is a relaxed and entertaining read on a potentially difficult and abstruse topic. Andrew May, Fortean Times

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