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General Science books

With topics ranging from what makes you the individual you are to the science you experience on a plane flight, from quick introductions to fun science quizzes, explore the stimulating range of science writing.

Physics and Cosmology

The science at the heart of everything, from the mysteries of quantum theory, through relativity all the way up to the beginnings of the universe.

Maths and Biography

Mind-boggling maths, from infinity to probability, plus the lives of great scientists.


There's brain stimulation in Brian's puzzle and cipher challenge Conundrum, while Brian's Stephen Capel murder mysteries bring the traditional murder mystery into the twenty-first century. Organizing a Murder provides everything you need to run a mystery event. And check out Brian's Xenostorm: Rising, exploring the impact of an intelligent cloud of nanobots on the future of human life.

Other Non-fiction

Brian has written widely on creativity and innovation - this section includes his most effective titles to help with your creativity, plus a guide to getting a non-fiction book published.

Talks based on Books

Brian is available to give talks at science and literary festivals, schools, libraries and corporate events. Find details of talks available, plus his currently scheduled public events.

Brian gives Robert Peston an introduction to quantum physics.

Too many people find science dull and uninspiring. It shouldn't be. It's about how everything works. Us, our world, our universe. It's life and death stuff. And great science writing brings to life the people involved and the remarkable stories of their discoveries.

Brian Clegg is an award-winning British science writer and public speaker who has written over 40 popular science books and a growing range of novels.

He still manages to surprise me with something new on every page.

Alain de Botton (Mail on Sunday)


What Do You Think You Are?


Full of fascinating true stories – featuring royal ancestors, stellar deaths, real-life hobbits and a self-reproducing crayfish, to name a few – this wide-ranging exploration of what makes you you is a one-of-a-kind voyage of (self) discovery.

Challenge Conundrum!

Brian's book Conundrum is a fun, fiendish mind-expander, combining puzzles, ciphers, lateral thinking and general knowledge. There are 200 challenges in all in 20 different categories - and the whole thing builds to combined solution. Makes a great gift and an ideal holiday puzzle book.

A Fall From Grace

The latest addition to the Stephen Capel novels - A Fall from Grace - is now available. When a body is discovered in Bath Abbey, fallen through the great East window, Stephen Capel and Vicky Denning are drawn into a strange treasure hunt that has deadly consequences.

Info and Classics

The Universe Inside You

Built from the debris of exploding stars that floated through space for billions of years, home to a zoo of tiny aliens, and controlled by a brain with more possible connections than there are atoms in the universe, the human body is the most incredible thing in existence.

Today Programme

Hear Brian discuss quantum entanglement on Radio 4's Today programme.

A Brief History of Infinity

In this highly entertaining and stimulating history, Brian Clegg takes us on a tour of that borderland between the extremely large and the ultimate, from Archimedes counting the grains of sand that would fill the universe, to the latest theories on the physical reality of the infinite.


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