After this experience, the night sky will never seem the same again!

Philip Ball Science Writer

Brian Clegg

Take a voyage into space to explore the wonders of the galaxy

With award-winning science writer Brian Clegg as your deep space guide, step on board the starship Endurance and marvel at the fascinating sights of deepest, darkest space.

Although our vessel is fictional, the phenomena you will visit, from the vast nebulae that are birthplaces of stars to stellar explosions in vast supernovas, creating the elements necessary for life – or from the planets of other solar systems to the unbelievably supermassive black hole at the heart of the Milky Way – all reflect the best picture current science has to offer.

Accompanying Interstellar Tours is an online gallery with over fifty images and videos in full colour, each directly accessible from the page using QR codes.

It may never be possible to undertake a voyage through the stars for real. But with Interstellar Tours, you can enjoy the ultimate cruise across the Milky Way.

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So full of fun facts and cool physics that this book should be compulsory reading for any sci-fi writer or movie director who wants to get their science right - but you'll love it even if you're neither. Jim Al-Khalili Physicist and presenter of The Life Scientific

Bargain! For less than the price of a budget airline ticket, you can have a window seat on a flight to our Galaxy’s sites of outstanding beauty in this delightfully informative guide by Brian Clegg. Marcus Chown Science Writer

Interstellar Tours catapults us into the future where our fictional journey takes us far beyond our limited experience in the 21st century. Expertly weaving storytelling, science and fiction, Clegg unveils our Universe in a way that is only possible through experience: in this case, by imagining ourselves as up-close observers. The book is a unique and riveting adventure story, and one not to be missed. Suzie Sheehy Phyicist and science communicator

Welcome aboard the starship ‘Endurance’ for a luxury cruise like no other. Join Captain Brian Clegg on a guided tour round the amazing sights of our Galaxy, from black holes to supernovas, amazing new planets, and a refreshing new look at our own corner of space. His best yet! Henry Gee Winner of 2022 Royal Society Trivedi Science Book Prize

The old elephant has performed his trick again”, as Albert Einstein reputedly said after posing for his umpteenth photograph. Brian Clegg is neither Einstein nor an elephant, but he is one of the best explainers of science around, and he has performed his old trick again, this time covering most of the mysteries of the cosmos in an entertaining series of essays dressed up as part of the voyages of the starship Endurance. We are figuratively taken on a tour of the Universe, getting close up and personal to black holes, supernovae and other cosmological beasts while our guide explains their nature in clear and accessible language. Strap in and enjoy the ride! John Gribbin Science Writer

Buckle up for the ride of a lifetime. With his characteristic clarity, care and charm, Brian Clegg is your guide on a tour of the galaxy, stopping at all the favourite tourist stops: planets around our sun and other stars, nebulae where stars are born, and supernovae and black holes where they die. Thanks to 22nd-century technology, you’ll witness the science of the cosmos in a way that people could only dream about a hundred years ago. After this experience, the night sky will never seem the same again! Philip Ball Science Writer

Distils a fine book from the bucket of astronomical information available today, with the travel theme adding an edge of excitement that lies beyond more conventional science writing. Clive Cookson, Financial Times

The book takes the form of part-travelogue and part popular science text, covering an astonishing array of galactic phenomena for your space tourist delectation. From sinister black holes to a speculatively ballistic Betelgeuse, via all manner of planetary, starry, and satellite surprises, this trip allows you experience our corner of the cosmos in amazing detail… My favourite thing about this book is the way Clegg uses the interstellar voyage concept as a theme, mixing in snippets of humour and references to some of the sci-fi shows we know and love, such as Star Trek. In a clever twist, rather than including illustrations, there are QR codes throughout to access photographs and videos to allow you to 'view' the wonders he is describing too, just as if you actually were sitting comfortably aboard an interstellar spaceship. This is very helpful in understanding the phenomena you are 'seeing through the starship windows'. Brown Flopsy's Book Burrow


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