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Lightning often strikes twice, the pole star isn't the brightest star in the sky and sugar doesn't make kids hyperactive. Get ready to reassess what you think you know about science!

You may well be familiar with the fact that lighting, contrary to the popular saying, often strikes the same place twice. But this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what may of us wrongly believe about the world around us. Whether it's word of mouth, myths you've read about online, or misremembered facts from school, we're bombarded by misconceptions about science all the time.

Focusing on fifty of the most common scientific misunderstandings, bestselling author Brian Clegg explains the real science and theory that debunks these popular myths. From fears about the exponential growth of the human population to the misapprehension that we are all descended from chimpanzees or gorillas, this the book to read if you want to separate science fact from fiction.

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Whether by word of mouth, through myths read online or misremembering facts from our school years, we are constantly bombarded by mountains of misinformation that, to this day, remain incorrectly lurking in the backs of our memories. In his latest book Lighting Often Strikes Twice, Brian Clegg offers a peek behind the curtain of science — leading us through fifty of science’s most common misconceptions and, in the process, inviting us to reassess and reinvent what we think we know about the world around us.

Across 50 short, succinct and digestible chapters, Clegg offers a fun and fresh perspective on a range of topics, from the brightness of the North Star to the extinction of dinosaurs.

Welcoming in tone and rich with insight, Clegg strikes a balance between brevity and depth whilst fascinating the reader. Clegg avoids a common pitfall of much commercial science-based literature — inundating the reader with too much information — each chapter holds its own, allowing readers to dip in and out of the book as they please.

A fun and light read, Lightning Often Strikes Twice is a pleasant pocket-sized guide for those who want to separate scientific fact from fiction. Lily Pagano, Reaction

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