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Organizing A Murder contains twelve different mysteries to solve with your friends - and there's a huge variety.

Not all the mysteries are murders, and the events are graded on three different levels, from those suitable for children from around 9, up to complex mysteries that need all the cunning of an adult player. Settings vary too, from a traditional country house to a starship in deep space.

Unlike the party kits, there's a lot more variation in the way the each mystery is played out, from a simple treasure hunt, to a complex mystery with witness statements, clues and evidence to sift through. And because the players are all detectives, as individuals or teams, it's much simpler to organize as there's no need for costumes and embarrassing role-play. This approach means that any number of players can take part in one of these events.

Whether you want to spice up a dinner party, keep the kids busy over the summer, or set a challenge for your team at work, Organizing a Murder can provide the answer.

It’s available in two formats. The large format paperback includes practically everything you need to run the events - copies of answer sheets for up to six teams and all the clues and evidence ready to cut out and distribute at your location. All you need to add is a pair of scissors to cut out the clues. It costs just £14.99 ($19.99) from Amazon for 12 mysteries - not bad when you consider a murder mystery boxed set can cost more than this for a single mystery.

Alternatively, for just £9.99, it’s available as an ebook - buy it and download it - ideal for those last minute parties - and it makes a great resource because you can print off elements like answer sheets and clues straight from the 118 page ebook to set the scene for your crime.

Want to see what it's like? Click here to see the contents, introduction and part of one of the simpler mysteries for free. If you have any queries about Organizing a Murder, just drop us an email at [email protected]

If you prefer a role play murder mystery, take a look at Transatlantic Tragedy - or we’ve got Make Your Own Mystery, a guide to writing and producing your own unique event.

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”This is a great book! I've used it to organise several kids parties and they loved it!” - Katherine Kelly, author of Red Rock

Buyers' feedback:
• "Plenty of choice, great to keep everyone occupied - thanks very much."
• "Great product!"
• "Fantastically clearly set out and very easy to absorb. I'm really getting ahead with [the party] now, thanks to you!"
• "Many thanks - delighted!"
• "Wonderful, entertaining product."
• "Easy to use, great resource for all ages."
• "Wonderful book - many great ideas."

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