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An exploration of the transformative ways in which nature has inspired the technological advancement of humankind.

Jam-packed with fascinating ideas, this is a treat for pop science readers.

Publishers Weekly

Lightning Often Strikes Twice

A fun look at fifty of the most common scientific misunderstandings.

Welcoming in tone and rich with insight...

Lily Pagano Reaction

Ten Patterns that Explain the Universe

Our universe might appear chaotic, but deep down it's simply a myriad of rules working independently to create patterns of action, force, and consequence.

A science writer's ode to patterns packs a visual punch.

Saleem Ali in Science

How it All Works

In a beautiful and unique combination of art and science, this stunningly detailed book examines how the rules of science govern the the world around us, from the rooms in our houses to the planet, the solar system and the universe itself.

I really wish I'd had this book when I was studying science at school...

Jill R. Bennett Red Reading Hub

What Do You Think You Are?

The science of what makes you you. See yourself in a new light.

Brian Clegg is the master of accessible science writing, and in this beautifully broad and comprehensive new book he gets right to the heart of what makes us what we are. Read it!

Angela Saini Author of Inferior and Superior

Scientifica Historica

From carvings and scrolls to glossy bound tomes, this book beautifully illustrates the evolution of scientific communication to the world.

Using glorious, well-sized and high quality images, Clegg presents the story of science.

Jonelle Harvey Chemistry World

Big Data

Access to vast quantities of data and algorithms to automatically sift through it, combine it and use it to make decisions is transforming our world. It can be very powerful or very dangerous - Big Data explains why.

Throughout Big Data’s highly enjoyable pages, the spread and range of material is highly impressive…

Peet Morris (Popular Science book review site)

What Colour is the Sun?

One hundred more entertaining, fascinating and mind-bending science questions to test yourself or use in quizzes in the sequel to How Many Moons. Turn the page to discover the answer and explore the topic in more detail.

A delightfully tantalising book

Jim Stein (New Books in Science)

Ten Billion Tomorrows

An exploration of the interaction between science and science fiction, celebrating the inspiration of SF and the fascinating divergence between science and technology in fiction and the real world.


Satisfying soul food for the inner geek

(Kirkus Reviews)

How Many Moons does the Earth Have?

One hundred entertaining, fascinating and mind-bending science questions to test yourself or use in quizzes. Turn the page to discover the answer and explore the topic in more detail.

Fascinating read

(BBC Focus)

Science for Life

Cuts through the vested interests and confusing contradictory statements that litter the media and the internet, to give a clear picture of what science is telling us right now about changing our lives for the better.

At last - the straight facts on everything - subject by subject - that affects our lives today, written in a clear and accessible style. Brilliant!

Aggie MacKenzie (Presenter: C4's How Clean is Your House?)

Extra Sensory

We'd all love to have 'psi' abilities like telepathy, telekinesis, and remote viewing. But is there any solid evidence to back up these talents, or are they nothing more than fantasy?

Clegg accomplishes the impressive feat of persuading readers that ESP might exist, while delivering a delightfully astute examination of the current evidence

(Kirkus Reviews)

The Universe Inside You

Take a look in the mirror. This book uses your body to explore all of science - not just biology, but everything from quantum theory to relativity.

The human body is amazingly complex and makes a great way to study the universe.

An Alice in Wonderland trip through science. But where Alice encounters absurdity, on our trip through the looking glass, we discover and enjoy the wonders of science.

(Popular Science reviews)

Inflight Science

Packed full of amazing insights from physics, chemistry, engineering and more, Inflight Science is a voyage of scientific discovery perfect for any journey - even if it's just in your armchair.


With this book in hand, we have all we need to set off on our next flight with our eyes open to the sheer wonder of what is involved.

Alain de Botton (Mail on Sunday)

Armageddon Science

This book explores the reality of the dangers that science poses to the human race, from the classic fear of nuclear destruction to the danger of annihilation by grey goo.

Combining the science behind those threats with an understanding of the real people responsible, and an assessment of the likelihood of the end of the world, this isn't a disaster movie… it's Armageddon Science.

Easy to read and hard to set aside, Clegg's new book is a balanced assessment of our chances to survive as a species.



Looking after the environment should be a no-brainer. No one wants to destroy the world. Yet at every turn we fail to take the essential steps to prevent the destruction of the human race - or we are deceived, often by ourselves.

Opens up the reality beneath the layers of confusion and manipulation to expose what is truly green and what is simply greenwash.


A cracking read for anyone who cares about both their environmental footprint and their sanity in a world being flooded with greenwash and gobbledegook.

(BBC Focus)

Upgrade Me

In biological terms human beings haven't evolved in 100,000 years but thanks to our amazing brains, we are able to upgrade ourselves to add capabilities that have taken other creatures millions of years to evolve.

From simple mechanical aids to the latest electronic and biological modifications, we see how human beings have been and will be modified.


Clegg's latest will engage scientists and lay readers with a through, level-headed, reader-friendly treatment of controversial and complex material.

(Publishers Weekly)

The Global Warming Survival Kit

A must-have guide to overcoming extreme weather, power cuts, food shortages, and other climate change disasters.

It's a practical tool to help with the real problems climate change can throw at us… and a stimulation to think about what we could face and whether we need to take action to prevent it.

Any doubts of the reality of climate change have now been crushed.

Getting Science

This straight-talking book from an experienced science writer and communicator looks at how to make the most of science and give primary school children a good grounding in the topic.

It shows how to turn a difficult subject into a fun one, an encourages teachers to make the most of the available resources that can make science enjoyable for both the children and the teacher.

Science is rightly a fundamental part of the primary school education, but that doesn't make it easy to teach.

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