A science writer's ode to patterns packs a visual punch.

Saleem Ali in Science

Brian Clegg

Our universe might appear chaotic, but deep down it's simply a myriad of rules working independently to create patterns of action, force, and consequence.

In Ten Patterns That Explain the Universe, Brian Clegg explores the phenomena that make up the very fabric of our world by examining ten essential sequenced systems. From diagrams that show the deep relationships between space and time to the quantum behaviours that rule the way that matter and light interact, Clegg shows how these patterns provide a unique view of the physical world and its fundamental workings.

Guiding readers on a tour of our world and the universe beyond, Clegg describes the cosmic microwave background, sometimes called the echo of the big bang, and how it offers clues to the universe's beginnings; the diagrams that illustrate Einstein's revelation of the intertwined nature of space and time; the particle trail patterns revealed by the Large Hadron Collider and other accelerators; and the simple-looking patterns that predict quantum behaviour (and decorated Richard Feynman's van). Clegg explains how the periodic table reflects the underlying pattern of the configuration of atoms, discusses the power of the number line, demonstrates the explanatory uses of tree diagrams, and more.

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Clegg's lucid prose, clever design and an array of photographs and illustrations come together to present a procession of intriguing ideas, making this a great, approachable introduction to the bedrock of modern science. ***** Giles Sparrow, Sky at Night Magazine

The human brain's proclivity for patterns is the inspiration for Ten Patterns that Explain the Universe, Brian Clegg's visually appealing compendium of scientific knowledge… This book is a valuable contribution to popular science, providing a kaleidoscope of visuals that will appeal to readers across generational divides… Clegg has vast experience in popularising science. He uses that experience effectively in this book to help the reader visualise complex phenomena from various perspectives. Saleem Ali, Science

Using beautiful illustrations and illuminating diagrams, the book is a feast for the eyes. The final chapter, on symmetries in nature of all shapes and sizes, is particularly enlightening. Anyone interested in the natural world will enjoy the unique perspective offered in the book. RD, Physics Today

The prolific science writer offers another illuminating education on many scientific phenomena. This is not TV science; Clegg presents difficult concepts—e.g., infinity is not a number; genes form only a trivial part of a chromosome—but there are satisfying rewards to science-inclined readers. Ingenious, often complex insights from an expert. Kirkus Reviews

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