Brian Clegg is the master of accessible science writing, and in this beautifully broad and comprehensive new book he gets right to the heart of what makes us what we are. Read it!

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Brian Clegg

The science of what makes you you. See yourself in a new light.

In What Do You Think You Are?, popular science master Brian Clegg investigates what makes you the unique individual that you are. From the atomic level, through life itself to consciousness, genetics and personality, we explore how each aspect of you – your DNA, your memories, your flesh and bone – has come to be.

Full of fascinating true stories – featuring royal ancestors, stellar deaths, real-life hobbits and a self-reproducing crayfish, to name a few – this wide-ranging exploration of what makes you you is a one-of-a-kind voyage of (self) discovery.

Find out just how remarkable you are.

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From the atoms in your body to the origin of consciousness, this comprehensive guide to how humans came to be is a must-read.
In science writer Brian Clegg’s clear and authoritative voice, What Do You Think You Are? takes the present-day, modern human reader on a journey through evolutionary history, back to the very beginnings of space and time. BBC Science Focus

In 'Best Books of 2020' Waterstones

The most interesting part is when the book explores what consciousness is (or, rather, highlights how little we know about it but still shows how much more there is to ‘us’ than the conscious part) and pulls apart the old nature versus nurture debate with some remarkable material on genetics and how the influence of our environment is mathematically chaotic. Peet Morris, Times Higher Education

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