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He doesn’t know it yet, but fourteen-year-old Davy Taylor is about to have the worst day of his life.

With a journalist for a father and a scientist mother, family life has always been nomadic: France, South America and now, London. Coming home from school, he collapses in the street.  More pain than he’d ever thought possible... a brain haemorrhage?  Is he dying? He staggers home.  Surely his parents can help? But they’re gone. The flat’s empty. He’s alone.

And then the voice in his head starts talking.

Davy finds himself facing a powerful underground group who have lived for hundreds of years - and want to see him dead. The future of human existence is in the balance. What that future is – only Davy can decide.

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Brian's first novel, for young adult readers.

He froze.  It was the girl’s voice again.  The one he’d heard when the pain had struck.  Clear and urgent, deep inside his head.

That click was a Heckler and Koch MP7 personal defence weapon.  It fires 950 armour piercing rounds per minute.  The sound you heard was the safety catch coming off.

No! It was talking rubbish.  Mum and dad were outside, they’d come back for him.  There was no killer with a machine gun behind his bedroom door.  How could there be?

The voice in his head was a stupid figment of his imagination.  It was just stress, after that terrible pain.  He could ignore it.  All he had to do was open the door.  Mum and dad would be there, smiling at him.

Davy, open that door and you are dead.
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Brian Clegg has crafted a fast-paced, scifi thriller for the YA reader that will keep them turning pages, right through to the surprising conclusion. I read this in one single sitting. The threatening swarm that overcomes everything in its path is derived from extending actual science, which makes it that much more frightening. Clegg has written a winner in Xenostorm and I hope we'll see more of this kind of fiction from him. Richard Sutton

This is a very enjoyable read. The action never stops as the main characters try to save the world from an appalling fate. Telling you how they survive and whether they triumph would spoil the story, but I'll just say it's with help from a source the rest of us know nothing about. The suspense builds through the plot. And all the while, the lead characters are on the verge of a romance, which introduces an intriguing tension to their relationship. Philip (Amazon review)

If you like your books with plenty of action, as I do, then this is a book for you. Right from the off-set, I was thrown into Davy Taylor's world, following him through a series of terrifying incidents until I reached the end, totally out of breath and in need of a lie down! Add to all this the backdrop of London and other places I know and love and I was hooked. Valerie (Amazon review)

This is a cracking thriller, fast paced with a really interesting concept at its core. An ideal book for teenage boys, and big boys who are still teenagers at heart. Kate (Amazon review)
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