What Colour is the Sun?
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The sequel to Brian's popular How Many Moons Does the Earth Have, What Colour is the Sun, contains two full scale quizzes of eight rounds each purely on science questions. Not the kind of boring questions you got asked at school - these are questions to intrigue and delight including:

• Why do hands and feet go wrinkly in the bath?
• What is a chiliagon?
• What is measured in slugs?
• Which scientific term is the most commonly used noun in written English?
• What would win in a fight between T. rex and Godzilla?
• Who can breath metals and still survive?
… and, yes, What colour is the Sun? (which QI gets wrong).

Although the quizzes can be run as actual events, there’s far more to it that than that. You can test yourself on each question, supported by intriguing factoids, then turn the page to not only on find the answer but a page that expands on the result to give an intriguing exploration of science.

As well as six ordinary rounds each quiz has two special bonus rounds featuring photographs or a science-based puzzle challenge.

An ideal gift for any science lover. Why not go for both?
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