PREORDER: The Reality Frame - Coming in April
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Weaving together the great ideas of science, The Reality Frame takes us on a thrilling journey from empty space all the way to the human mind.

In his most wide-ranging book, Brian Clegg builds up reality piece by piece, from space, to time, to matter, movement, the fundamental forces, life, and the massive transformation that life itself has wrought on the natural world. He reveals that underlying it all is not, as we might believe, a system of immovable absolutes, but the ever-shifting, amorphous world of relativity.

From religion to philosophy, humanity has traditionally sought out absolutes to explain the world around us, but as science has developed, relativity has swept away many of these certainties, leaving only a handful of unchangeable essentials – such as absolute zero, nothingness, light – leading to better science and a new understanding of the essence of being human.

This is an
Ascent of Man for the 21st century, the gripping story of modern science that will fill you with wonder and give you a new insight into our place in the universe.
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Prolific science writer Brian Clegg’s new book looks to answer the not-so-simple question of how our sense of reality is formed. He argues that reality is an amorphous, shifting sense of perception that is, in equal parts, shaped by philosophy and science. Clegg argues that embracing the fact that reality is uncertain allows for a better sense of what it means to be human. With a very uncertain new year at its start right now, Clegg’s poetic mix of hard facts and thoughtful musings could be exactly what we need. Sarah Sloat, Inverse
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