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That click was a Heckler and Koch MP7 personal defence weapon.  It fires 950 armour piercing rounds per minute.  The sound you heard was the safety catch coming off.

Xenostorm: Rising

Brian’s first published novel - a young adult science fiction novel - explores the decision of whether or not to make the human race live indefinitely, as a teenager takes on an apparently unstoppable monstrosity.
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Creativity is not a nice-to-have, it’s a survival essential

Mind Storm

Take a look at this detailed creativity course. It guides you through all the tools and techniques you need for problem solving and idea generation, whether for personal use, a small business or a corporate.
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Mystery party games re-imagined.

Organizing a Murder

With 12 different mysteries to solve, Organizing a Murder is a whole new approach to mystery parties. You can print off elements like answer sheets and clues from the ebook and run the event your way.
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The only way to succeed is throw away the rule book. Creativity is a survival skill.

Instant Creativity

An easy to use action kit bursting with techniques that will help everyone to get the most out of his or her creativity. These simple proven techniques will help you find fresh ideas and new solutions to problems for business or more general applications. The book offers over 70 approaches to creative thinking.
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Capturing Customers' Hearts explains how companies can build relationships through customers' emotions
Harvard Business School

Capturing Customers' Hearts

A practical guide to totally transforming your customer service and making your business the only sensible choice.

CCH analyzes companies where the product or the company itself generates a special reaction in a customer, something much more than brand loyalty – true affection. Building 12 components of charisma on the foundation of service delivery, it uses examples of best and worst practice to pinpoint the forces that will win new customers, keep them and capture their hearts.
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When it comes to getting better at business, everything else is the trimmings.

Instant Brainpower

Forget learning skills to be better at business (or life) - first you have to get your brain working well. Without that, the rest is a waste of time. Give your memory, creativity and knowledge management a workout to tune up your thinking - and have a bit of fun along the way.
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It's not enough to have a great idea - you have to know how to sell it.

Non Fiction Agent

The Non Fiction Agent ebook is a step-by-step guide to presenting your book in the way most likely to get it noticed and published. Of course it can't work miracles. You need to have a good idea and be able to write - but there are plenty of unpublished authors in that position.
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Sustainability isn't just about being green. It makes good business sense.

Sustainable Business

Sustainable business recognizes that the world has limited resources, and faces a significant threat from climate change. Being more sustainable requires better information about the sourcing of your products and services, better control of resources and clear aims to reduce your impact on the environment.
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Your next big idea could be only moments away.

Imagination Engineering

In an unchanging world there would be no need for creativity in business. But with your market, your customers, you competitors, technology - everything changing, there is no room for complacency.

This is the book to make any business more creative. Innovation starts here.
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This book will appeal to anyone interested in getting more out of a business.

Creativity and Innovation for Managers

Creativity is essential any business, but it's not enough just to give people the tools and techniques to be more creative. The culture, systems and structure of the organisation has to make innovation possible - and that's what this book is all about.