Transatlantic Tragedy
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Transatlantic Tragedy is a murder mystery for 8 players (4 female, 4 male characters) and is a relatively simple mystery, ideal for a players who haven't tried this kind of game before, as well as experienced players.

The action takes place aboard the luxury liner Olympia on a voyage from England to New York. A passenger fell overboard. Sadly he drowned before he recovered, but the remains of a package in his pocket tell you that he was a detective who had discovered a plan to destroy the Olympia. There is a bomb on-board that will detonate after dinner tonight. There is no way off, no way to call help. If you cannot discover who is the killer, and where he or she has hidden the bomb, you will all die. Enjoy your meal. It might be your last.

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Whether you want to spice up a dinner party or set a challenge for your team at work, Transatlantic Tragedy can provide the answer.

Miss Lottie Lawson - young American heiress
Mrs Grace Lawson - Lottie's widowed mother
Lord Peter Callendar - young impoverished man about town and suitor for Lottie
[Ernest] Farthing - Malling's manservant
Caterena Vaslavia - Russian palmist, employed by the shipping company
Captain Abel Baker – American elderly ship’s captain
Jim Doyle – an Irish lad-about-town and gambling enthusiast
Doctor Petunia Campion - British academic historian and eccentric

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Reviews for Organizing a Murder

”This is a great book! I've used it to organise several kids parties and they loved it!” - Katherine Kelly, author of Red Rock

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  • "Plenty of choice, great to keep everyone occupied - thanks very much."
  • "Great product!"
  • "Fantastically clearly set out and very easy to absorb. I'm really getting ahead with [the party] now, thanks to you!"
  • "Many thanks - delighted!"
  • "Wonderful, entertaining product."
  • "Easy to use, great resource for all ages."
  • "Wonderful book - many great ideas."

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