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He stared at his assailant in blank amazement, looked down to where he had been hit to be even more puzzled by the welling red wound. Everything was fuzzy; all the clarity that had made the day so special was gone. As he fell, unable to speak, his brain still tried to force his lips to ask why?

A Timely Confession

In the second of the Stephen Capel murder mysteries, Stephen Capel has to struggle with personal problems while dealing with a confession of murder and an increasingly complex case.
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He knelt by the still form and pulled lightly where the shoulder should be. The body, and he was suddenly, awfully, certain that it was a body, rolled over to face him.

A Lonely Height

In the first of the Stephen Capel murder mysteries, a vicar starting work in his first parish discovers a drowned body in the ruined tower on Glastonbury Tor.
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That click was a Heckler and Koch MP7 personal defence weapon.  It fires 950 armour piercing rounds per minute.  The sound you heard was the safety catch coming off.

Xenostorm: Rising

A young adult science fiction novel, exploring the decision of whether or not to make the human race live indefinitely, as a teenager takes on an apparently unstoppable monstrosity.
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Mystery party games re-imagined.

Organizing a Murder

With 12 different mysteries to solve, Organizing a Murder is a whole new approach to mystery parties. You can print off elements like answer sheets and clues from the ebook and run the event your way.
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An infinite supply of new mystery games.

Make Your Own Mystery

Can’t find a game that’s just the way you want it?

A do-it-yourself guide that provides all you need to write your own.
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Can you find the killer before the bomb explodes?

Transatlantic Tragedy

Transatlantic Tragedy is a traditional role-play murder mystery for 8 players (4 female, 4 male characters) and is a relatively simple mystery, ideal for a players who haven't tried this kind of game before, as well as experienced players.

The action takes place aboard the luxury liner Olympia on a voyage from England to New York.